Stop Kiss Play Summary

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The play, Stop Kiss by Diana Son, was directed by Bella Merlin. The main characters were Callie, played by Dana Pierce, Sara played by Gloria Olivas, George played by Joshua Goldstein, and Detective Cole played by Joshua Stephenson. Approximately 80 people attended the event in the studio theater on Saturday, May 13th at 8pm. The audience did not participate, and I did not participate either. It was a play, so I remained quiet but actively listened and engaged the entire time. The play takes place in 1998 and follows the story of an unlikely relationship between Sara, a 3rd grade teacher from St. Louis who moves to New York after getting a fellowship to teach in the Bronx, and Callie, a New York traffic radio reporter. It shows how their relationship …show more content…
This play revealed to me that sexuality is on a spectrum, it is not just black and white, there is a middle area that is really important to acknowledge because feelings can change and people who once identified a certain way can change too. All in all, I definitely enjoyed the event and felt comfortable being there too, although the topics being addressed were serious and hard to watch at times, it was still very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed watching a performance that has a more serious tone because all I've ever watched were happy musicals in the past. Ultimately, what stood out to me the most was the format of the play. I found the idea of doing the play out of order interesting and critical to the storyline because it reveals how Sara and Callie’s relationship grows before the tragedy and also what occurred after the kiss.The play purposely ended at the most crucial part. The part that ended up sending Sara into a coma and changing the lives of both Sara and Callie forever, the kiss. So, I think that it was necessary to wait to show the kiss until the last

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