Essay about My First Life Lesson Is Stay Open Minded

1549 Words Jun 9th, 2016 7 Pages
My first life lesson is stay open-minded. I learned this lesson just off of listening to others. I tend to often sit and listen to other rather than talk much so I hear other people’s thoughts a lot. While listening to people, I frequently hear other’s ideas which I would believe to be better than mine. I find that if you listen to what people have to say or an idea that they have, it can sometimes be better than what you have or it may be something that you never thought of before. I usually lean on this lesson while in group projects or when asking for help. In group projects, I propose some ideas that I think would work for the given assignment. A lot of the time, members of the group would give ideas that would be something that that would have never crossed my mind before and would work way better for the project than what I had given. When I ask for help on assignments, such as papers, the teachers and aids that I seek help from oftentimes give me approaches to the topic of my paper that would greatly improve the way the paper turns out in the end. This lesson still plays a role in my life currently. I still accept new ideas when I ask for help from teachers and fellow classmates. I still listen to group members when doing projects to find out better ideas to approach the way the assignment is done. If people stayed closed minded all their life, you can never fully understand the people around them. They can never see the world from a different point of view. They can…

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