Personal Narrative: The First 16 Years Of My Life

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For the first 16 years of my life nothing really changed for me. During that time, I went to the same school, lived in the same house, and had the same friends. This all changed when my parents got divorced in the summer prior to junior year. My mother got full custody of my sister and I and left my father by himself; which was something so obscure to me. Because of my parents splitting up my father became a distant figure. It was a time of complete drastic change in my life. My parents fought sometimes, but I did not expect it to get that far so quickly. In time span of two months, I attended a new school, lived in a new home, and suddenly had no friends. Life was new to me again. In my new school, I didn’t know anyone going into my first …show more content…
After the first 2 months of my parents arguing is when we moved out of the house. This is when my father really started to fade from the picture. At this moment my little sister, my mom, and I had to live with my godparent’s house because we had nowhere else to stay. Leaving all of my friends and the only place I’ve ever called home. Fitting eight people into a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home was defiantly a struggle. After living with my godparents for about two months we finally moved into a new home in Fort Lauderdale. With this came a whole new life. Nothing else felt permanent or right just because I knew in one year I would be moving out so I never accepted my new home as my real home. At this point in my life being exiled was a regular thing. Going into my sophomore year in a new environment was something I’ve never expected to happen. My life went from heaven to hell in what felt like the blink of an eye. Over time, living with my mom and not my dad, my sibling and I started to drift slowly away from our father. Only seeing him once a week made me feel like there was a void in my life. Someone who had always been there for me was no longer there. This only made the situation even more difficult to deal …show more content…
What my father did was he liked putting people in situations that they don’t belong in. Countless amount of times my father has put me in the middle of his arguments with my mother. Like this one time my dad showed me a conversation between him and my mother; the only word I could use to describe it would be horrifying. It was constant cursing and hatred. When it comes down to situations like these it’s heartbreaking because I was basically told to choose sides between them. He would say things like “go tell your mother she needs to pay the car bill” or “look at what your mother did this time” showing me nothing but arguments between them. I felt like it was all up to me to keep my fathers relationship within my family alive. His problem with wanting others to feel bad for him and saying things he shouldn’t is the main reason that both of my sisters don’t associate with him anymore. And for that reason I felt I was the one who needed to keep a strong relationship with my father, even if it meant giving in to everything he does. Feeling so distant as a family I lost interest in them and began to hang out with more friends. I spent most of my time with my girlfriend I had at the time while all of this was happening. She was the reason why I even started to care a little bit more about what a family meant to

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