Personal Narrative Of My Writing

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The first day of my sophomore year, at Knott central high school was very stressful. I did not know most of the teachers being a sophomore and I had English 10 honors first thing in the morning. I had no clue who this “Mrs. Mobley” really was. I had seen her around the school building but never really had a conversation with her. Almost everyone knew of her because she was very hard to miss with her flaming, red, curly hair and her teeth that shined as bright as diamonds. I had heard about her a little from a few older students who had her a year before and from her husband whom was my agriculture teacher the past year. I heard some good and bad things about her and was very concerned about how hard she was on grading, knowing most of my writing skills are mediocre.
I remember the first time I walked into Mrs. Mobley’s class room. It felt like home in a way but not in appearance wise but the atmosphere itself. The love, compassion, and worry that spilled out of Mrs. Mobley for her students was intense like a mothers concern for her children. She
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We could write about anything. So of course I chose the creative writing path just because it was the easiest for me. Mrs. Mobley gave us a deadline of three days which put a lot of pressure upon my shoulders. I was going through a Syfy phase so I choose to write about the apocalypse. I was the only girl in the class that didn’t write about their past experience with writing or write a short story about “the boy next door”. Knowing that I wasn’t a strong writer, I freaked out about getting my short story just right while everyone else in the class had finished their final draft and was ready to turn them in. So the next day I rushed to get finished and turned in my short story not being satisfied with it whatsoever yet I didn’t want to be the last student to turn in their

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