My Experience At Technical College Essay

791 Words Oct 14th, 2015 4 Pages
Throughout my childhood, I was known as ungenerous because I was collected the money without spend it. I grow up with “the idea math make you richer”. Therefore, I started my high school years, I enjoyed going to my science classes and loved the math classes. After I graduated from high school, I decided to pursue my post-secondary education in an area that aligns my passion for science in the accounting major’s at Technical College. My grades were admirable; I almost got “B” grades on all my classes such as Financial Accounting, General Mathematics, Business Correspond and Reporting, and Auditing and Internal Control. Thus, I started to work as teller with largest bank by asset in the Arab world and the first bank in the Saudi Arabia which is National Commercial Bank (NCB). This experience given opportunities to know how cater to customers to improve the sales, solve problems and work with the management. It given me experience to how to handle more than one task. After a while, I decided to complete my education in different field. Therefore, I started studying Business Administration major Human Resource Management and work with a prosperous career direction.
I acquired my bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration major Human Resources Management from the King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. Throughout my studies, I had the chance to take courses in human resources management, gender and human resources development, contemporary management studies, training and…

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