Reflection On What I Learned This Year In English 101

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This year in English 101 I have learned a lot of new writing skills. I have learned new grammar skills along with learning how to make my writing stronger by adding more details. I plan to keep working on my summaries because as the semester has gone on, I have learned how to make my summaries better than they have been. In the future, I will use my writing skills a lot in the profession I plan to go in which is education. I will have to write letters home to parents and I will need to make them professional along with parents I will also have to write letters and emails to other faculty. Altogether I think my writing as improved a lot from this course, and it can be seen from other work that I have done, which includes my reading responses …show more content…
After I graduate from Walsh, I plan to have my teaching degree and find a job as a teacher somewhere. With being a teacher I will not be teaching English but I will still need to have some English background for my job. One example of that would be when I am writing letters home to parents and writing letters to other faculty members. When writing letters home to parents I will need to make sure I have correct grammar because if not they might not understand what the letter means or what it is for. Most of all I do not want to seem to come off as not a well educated teacher to my student 's parents. I will also need to be able to write good letters and emails to other faculty that I am working with. The reason for that is so they can understand what I am trying to say and if I am asking a question they know how to answer it. Again, so they will not they are working with somebody who did not get a proper education. I would not want to give that reputation of Walsh. Another example on how my writing needs to be proper for my future is when I am making word problems for my students to complete. When I am constructing the word problems for my students I want to make sure that they make sense to them and are not challenging. I will need my grammar skills from English 101 for all of these different tasks I will need to do for my future after Walsh

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