Starbucks Success In The Mountain Dew Case

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The revenue that can be captured by moving from unsatisfied to satisfied or satisfied to highly satisfied is huge. So Starbucks should concentrate on getting faster service by adding new employers as 65% of the customers believe faster service is of great importance to them(Exhibit 10). With increase in employers the Starbucks can also focus on friendly staff and treat customers as valuable(Exhibit 10).

4. Given the data in the Mountain Dew case, provide a scheme/framework and use the framework to select three ads for further action by Pepsi. Justify your selection in detail. (Mountain Dew)
All the ads that turned success for the mountain dew symbolize an exhilarating experience for the users. Mountain dew is targeting 18 years
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Cheetah reminds you to keep yourself focused on your direction and on your goals to find the most direct way of achieving your dreams. Cheetah is also the fastest land mammal on earth, and can sure grab the attention of all ages when this animal gets featured in the ads. Moreover this ad is suitable for all the different segments that the company is trying to drive towards their product.
2) Mock Opera: This is the second ad that I would chose for the company. As clearly stated in the case the tastes preference of the teens toward the hobby activities such as mountain biking, skateboarding, BMX biking, Snowboarding and often dangerous sports have become an overnight hit with teens. Furthermore Mock Opera clearly features all these outrageous sports. So this ad sure can speak lot to the teens.
3) Show Stopper: Show stopper is a mix of everything. From music, dance to skate boarders it takes the audience to all different mix of activities the teens love to engage in. This fits perfect for super bowl ads.
6. Should Starbucks make a $ 40 million investment in labor in stores? To achieve what goal(s)? Justify your recommendation in detail. (Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service
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Treating as a valuable customer and friendly staff is directly connected to faster service(Exhibit 11). Currently the rush in the store does not allow the staff to treat the customers more friendly or more valuable because they will be concentrating on getting the order done and serving it as fast as possible. An increase in the number of employees can help Starbucks in getting more customer loyalty. Also loyal customers contribute more for the company revenue at the end of the

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