Essay on Legal Induced Abortions Should Be Legal

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In 2012, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention reported there were 699,202 legal induced abortions completed in the United States from 49 out of 52 areas (Reproductive). These results are incomplete per the authors on the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report site as they are information voluntarily reported by health centers (Creanga, Jamison, & Pazol, 2015). So, one can only imagine how many induced abortions were completed? However, the pro-choice side views that an unborn baby is not in personhood; and, therefore, lacks rights as a person (Moral Personhood). Thus, resulting in the mother’s rights preceding the fetus’ right to live. However, a potential life starts at the time of fertilization, as that is when activity to cell reproduction occurs in creation of a potential life if it is not interrupted (When…). Therefore, abortion is unethical as it takes away a potential life; however, it can be ethical if the mother’s pregnancy is either caused by or at risk due to these circumstances: rape, incest, and maternal health.
Rape can be very traumatizing for many females as it can cause one to have prolonged mental health effects. For example, when a rape victim experiences her first birth, the second stage of the birthing process is usually double the time length versus those who have no history of sexual assault (Halvorsen L., et al., 2013). While there is therapy to help with rape victims to heal, it is known that the birthing process can be a trigger to remind…

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