Argument Essay On Abortion

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Register to read the introduction… One of the issues I have is with the abortion of fetus’ after the 24 week period. I feel that if you know in the beginning that you aren’t going to want to keep the child, then why wait so long for the abortion. Some babies are able to survive after only twenty-eight weeks of being in the womb. This is another reason I am pro-life. Another issue that I can identify with related to my hypothesis is the religious viewpoint of abortion. Like most people, in whom I have researched upon, feel that abortion is a form of death. We all know that one of the Ten Commandments in The Bible states that “thou shall not kill”. If death is a sin, then why is abortion legal? The third issue that I have related to abortion is the act of “partial abortion”. After reading further on this partial procedure, which I was not to familiar with, I found out that the abortion is only halfway done and the doctor performing finishes killing the fetus. Just thinking about this situation makes me angry because abortion, in my eyes, is already wrong and performing it partially is just as bad.
Being a Pro-Life
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Yes, there have been plenty accounts of where abortion issues were in papers, but it’s not as recognized as “Paris Hilton goes to jail”. This is the type of situation I am discussing. Today, indicating from my research, the number of abortions has increased from the past two decades.
Sometimes I feel that women choose abortion because it is the easy way out. You may fail to realize that not only girls, but also boys are very advanced these days. All kids from the age of fourteen and up are sitting at home playing video games and playing with dolls. More and more pregnancies are happening to girls who haven’t even reached the age of eighteen. “Women never really realize the great joy they have until going through the clinic walls and giving their baby up for a small price.” (Rothstein, 1995). This statement is so true because you do not know the great joys of being a parent until you have your own. People everywhere should take a stand to get abortion laws passed so that they will only be performed if necessary. Taking a stand is important because we all stand somewhere in this world. There are many ways to support abortion foundations and

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