Essay about Job Satisfaction And Resistance Of Change

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Job Satisfaction and Resistance to Change
Job satisfaction is defined as favorable emotions about one’s job developed from an assessment of its nature” (Robbins &Judge,2009) Many things can disrupt job satisfaction such as stress, fear, lack of knowledge, and change. Radiation oncology is a field that is rapidly changing in order to adapt to new technologies (Lopez, Isa, Kim, Bourgier, & Marsiglia, 2012). The hospital, just like other organizations, most keep technologies updated in order to appeal to clientele and provide the best quality services. Thus, when the Cancer center I work for decided to purchase two brand new linear accelerators not all employees shared the same positive attitudes about the equipment change. The new linear accelerators were equipped with the best and latest technology for patient treatment and imaging. However, along with new technology came change and new training requirements. This created stress, job dissatisfaction, and resistance to change within our facility.
Social Psychology Robbins (2009) defines social psychology as “an area of psychology that blends concepts from psychology and sociology and that focuses on the influence of people on one another” (Robbins, 2009, p.14) He then goes on to say “one major area receiving considerable investigation from social psychologist has been change- how to implement it and how to reduce barriers to its acceptance” (Robbins, 2009). In majority of organizations the…

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