Essay on Job Satisfaction And Career Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction has been an interesting topic for both organizations and the researchers. Definitions of job satisfaction have varied accordingly. American psychologist and pioneer in goal setting theory, Locke (1976) defined job satisfaction as "a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one 's job or job experiences". The overall productivity and organizational success by an organization has a direct relationship with job satisfaction. Researchers try to find the facets. P.E. Spector (1997) listed 14 common facets of job satisfaction which are Organization ,Appreciation, Supervision ,Coworkers, Communication ,Job conditions, Fringe benefits , Policies ,Nature of the work, Personal growth, Promotion opportunities, Recognition and security. In the broader context job satisfaction can be understood as cumulative sum of all these facets.
Organizations like RBI has determined a balance between the performance of the employees and their commitment to the work which in result of job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is mainly affected by reward and motivation of employees. There is a positive relationship between recognition and job satisfaction, reward and job satisfaction, and between motivation and job satisfaction (Ali and Ahmed, 2009). Providing the financial benefit to employees without any prominent expression also loses its importance. Rewards have a direct link with the motivation and job satisfaction of the employees. Work motivation and job…

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