Improving My Harp Playing By My Sophomore Year Essay

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The first quarter of my sophomore year was tough. It left me exhausted everyday praying for the weekend to come quicker. This first quarter, I had a goal to improve my harp playing, which I achieved. I planned to achieve this goal by managing my time through prioritizing. This allowed me to improve my harp playing by having a goal-directed approach while balancing school, sports, and extracurriculars. I learned how to become more efficient and organizes though learning how to prioritize to allow my practicing harp, studying and doing homework. Last year I did well in completing all my tasks and homework in time, however I did not do them slowly and carefully which caused my grades to falter. In the beginning of the school year, in my journal I first wrote about how exhausted I was from school to what was happening at home that the first few weeks of sophomore year was a mess. It felt as if the world conspired against me, instead of for me. This caused me to stay up late every night from doing homework until two in the morning, which then caused a lack of sleep. This in turn caused poor performance in cross country, and school. I know I learned this because I emotionally compared from the beginning to the end of the quarter, I felt tremendously better. I think the meditation in class and every night helped a lot, but I think managing my schedule gave me the greatest peace. By the time interims were sent home, I knew I had to make a change- sacrifice some things to have…

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