I Learned At The United States Together With My Family Essay

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About six years ago, I moved to the United States together with my family. After having been here for one week, I started my ninth grade. I learned English in Vietnam for a couple years before moving. However, my skills weren’t good enough for me to understand and talk to my teachers and peers. I struggled for a long time to fit in. Everything to me was unfamiliar. Beside having a difficult time to understand the new language, I was also having a hard time to getting used to other aspects of the new culture. However, as other teenageres, I had big dreams that I wanted to achieve. I decided to try hard to be fluent in English.
When I just started school, I was put into an ELD class. The teacher didn’t care about his students at all. We didn’t do anything much during class time. I know I wasn’t making much of a progress and that I was wasting my time. I decided to learned on my own. Everynight before bed, I went on some English teaching websites to practice my listening and writing skills. I tried to rent my favorite books that I read in Vietnamese from the library to practice my reading skills. I finally made some progresses, but I still felt frustrated from times to times and I knew that I still had a long journey to go.
In tenth grade, I took the placement test again and got put into Mrs. Conradson’s advanced ELD class. She was the nicest person I have ever known. She cared about every single student in her class. Mrs. Conradson went above and beyond to get to know us…

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