How Texting And Driving Has Done And Caused With Teenagers And Adults

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What texting and driving has done and caused with teenagers and adults in america today? Texting, looking, dialing, and talking on your phone while driving has caused over million auto crashes nationwide. Most of those crashes are caused by young teens between the ages of 16 - 19. The cause of why adults and young teens getting and causing car crashes and why those distractions can injure or end someone 's life. The stactices of auto crashes in the U.S , death and injury rate of people caused by a driver that was texting while driving, and the distractions and preventions from having accident. In fact throughout the day approximately 660,000 people attempt to use a phone while behind the wheel of an automobile. We all know that smartphones help you stay in touch with friends, family, business, etc. But using or looking at it for just a second to check emails, text messages, and phone calls can cause a big safety risk for the driver and people around the driver. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that 1.6 million people have car crashes mainly caused by the use of a cell phone each year. In spite of that, half million people have been injured and taken about 6,000 lives. Statistics says that texting while driving six times more likely to cause a car crash than driving while drunk. Texting while driving have a 400% increase of having eyes off of the road, so in any phone- related activity texting while driving is the most dangerous by far.

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