How I Can Not Pay Car Insurance Essay

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There are many sources of stress in my life. Like the fact that I cannot find a job, therefore I cannot pay car insurance. Also, I have a girl in my life that I like very much, but every day, there’s always a problem with either her and me or her and someone else. My dad is a major contributor to my stress. The life of a teen is agreeably one of the most dramatic and stressful parts of a person’s life. I feel, between school and my home life and dealing with rebellion to parents at home, I have to deal with my own emotions and begin to become separated from the family, especially parents.
Along with dealing with stress of a girl; let me start off by saying that my dad cares about me a lot. He only wants the best for me because he never went to college. But let me explain why my dad is one of the largest contributors to my stress. To him, I can never do anything right, no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, nothing 's ever good enough. He fusses me out daily. It 's very hard to deal with. I come home every day and have to do work no matter if I have school work or not and if I do get free time he constantly calls me to do things sometimes. I sit in class wondering and thinking about how my dad 's going to act if he’s going to be fussing or just act casual when I get home; it 's very nerve-wracking. Sometimes I shake when I think about it, going thru all the emotional pain and stress.
I ask myself why I can never do anything right? Why am I not good enough? It’s…

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