How Casino Security Is The Floor Security Guards Essay

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When you 're at a casino, you 're focused on having fun and trying to hit the big payoff. You probably have never thought about how casino security not only helps protect it from losing money, but also protect you from personal injury. Casino security is a complex network that requires 24-hour surveillance and the careful interaction and cooperation of dozens of security officials. Here is what you need to know about casino security.

Floor Security Guards

The first line of defense in any casino security network is the floor security guards. These security experts typically try to blend in with the gamblers on the floor, trying to avoid drawing attention to themselves. Why? It 's a lot easier for them to catch problematic behavior if they aren 't noticed. They spend their days looking for a variety of casino security issues, including:

Angry, violent behaviors after losing Severely drunk people acting in a problematic way Suicidal actions from people who have lost a lot of money Health hazards (such as potential fires) Criminal activities, such as mugging or assault Cheating behaviors

The last problem is one that impacts just about every casino in the country. Hundreds of people think they have the perfect cheat and try to pull it off by palming, marking, or even switching cards. Some will even attempt to blackmail dealers into helping them win, promising large sums of money after their payout.

Though casino security systems are designed to help…

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