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Register to read the introduction… Answer: Paramedics are required to become certified. There are well-defined levels of training - EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, EMT-Paramedic. Question: Where is that education/training available? Answer: A standard basic training program is taught in hospitals, community colleges, and police, fire and health department. Upon completion of basic training certification and/or licensing is required. Question: Give a general plan for your completion of that education/training
Answer: I have elected to follow the HCC’s Health and Medical Science degree plan. This will afford me the luxury of twofold, as the courses required for my degree include the courses required for EMT training. Once I have completed the specified courses I will be able to prepare and register for the EMT certification
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Answer: I fell that I will fit in to this career as I have worked as a life guard which touches on the very basics of swimming and pool life safety. I enjoyed being with people and helping when needed. I also enjoyed the management side overseeing employees, and daily responsibilities. Question: What personality characteristics are required? Answer: A desire to serve people, emotionally stable and clearheaded. Inspire confidence with levelheadedness and good judgment. Good physical condition, motor coordination, ability to lift, and carry up to 125 lbs; good visual acuity.Question: Do you have them? Answer: Yes, I enjoy being around people, I feel I am levelheaded, have good judgment. I am physically fit, coordinated, and great vision. Some of these traits can be developed and acquired as I advance and mature into my …show more content…
Least? Answer: Since I am a social person I will most enjoy meeting and helping people. My least enjoyable will be seeing people in pain and the long hours I may have to endure to get ahead. The salary is lower than I would like, however, an EMT will help me decide if the medial field is right for me.
Question: What required skills for this career do you think you currently possess? Answer: I have been a certified life guard since I was 15. I have taken the life safety courses, worked as a life guard, and supervisor. I am at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma and valid drivers license which are typically requirements.
Question: Which will you likely have the most trouble with? Answer: An EMT neither waists time nor hurries through delicate work. This may be very challenging depending on the crisis at

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