The Differences Of Open Carrry Vs. Concealed Carry

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Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry What is open and concealed carry? Open carry is the right to carry a firearm, usually a pistol of some sort, on your hip inside a holster. Concealed carry is where a person wears a pistol in a holster inside the waistband. Some of the most common pistol brands are Glock, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Sig, Springfield, Kimber, Ruger, Beretta, Remington, and Browning. The pistol most law enforcement uses are Glocks. Different calibers are available but most common is .40 caliber. Glocks are the most versatile guns on the market and can 't go wrong with them. Advantages of open carry is that it acts as a deterrent for crime and it is easier to get to if you ever need it. Disadvantage is people might see it and no badge …show more content…
Previously stated God gave us this right. No he did not write the Amendments, but he gave us the ability for someone to write them. Another reason why you should carry is because it is used to protect yourself you will have it nearby if you ever need it. Yes, there are reasons why people carry that they should carry for. One of those reasons is because it looks cool if you open carry. If you buy a concealed carry permit, it helps out your local and state economy fund similar things that revolve around handgun education, seminars, etc. Trust is a really big thing that is good to have in your citizens and community. As Matt Gaetz of PolitiFact says, ¨It is important to note that in states that allow open carry, violent crime was 23 percent lower, murder rate was five percent lower, the aggravated assault rate was 23 percent lower and robbery rates were 36 percent lower.¨ This is possible because if a potential criminal sees a regular citizen openly carrying a handgun then crime rates will begin to diminish. It distills trust into your community due to a sense of relying ness. If people know that they can rely on you to protect them then all will be good and if and when the need arises you can and will take action. One last reason why you should carry is because you will be able to be an aid in law enforcement, when the circumstance is necessary(Gaetz

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