Hotel Sublima Dublin Case Study

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Case Brief: Hotel Sublima Dublin
Problem – The decision that you must make is choosing a strategy to implement for Hotel Sublima Dublin going forward. The constant conflict between the Director of the Operations Department and the Director of the Sales and Marketing Department is jeopardizing the planned investment in the hotel and creating a toxic work environment, unmotivating employees, while simultaneously creating serious customer service problems. The new five-year strategic plan has stressed a range of priorities of concern to develop Dublin Hotel’s four-star status and attain a five-star status. Ultimately, the strategy must resolve the conflict between the two departments, so the strategic renewal process can be accomplished.
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Listed are key stakeholders to consider during this process.
• Company - The success of your company rides on the decision that you make here. A good strategy has the chance to make your company succeed while a poor one will cause it to fail. This decision will impact the direction Hotel Dublin settles.
• Debora MacIntyre – How you approach the situation between MacIntyre and Halpin can impact both departments. Caution needs to be taken during the approach, so the problems doesn’t flood into both the Operation Sales/Marketing department. MacIntyre’s feelings towards the situation needs to be handled delicately.
• John Halpin – As with MacIntyre, caution needs to be taken while approaching the delicate situation. Employee satisfaction for both directors is your top priority while implementing a strategy to put out this fire. On the contrary, this situation needs to be tackled immediately even though it is a delicate situation.
• Objectives – There are a few main objectives for the
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This will involve major changes to cut costs and buy time to try new strategies to improve future success.
• Cross Functional Team – Forming a cross functional team between the sales/marketing and operations department can help diminish communication difficulties.
• Compromise Approach – Will allow both parties to give something up of value to the other while still receiving what they want.
• New Hires – Hire more staff in the operations department to prevent overtime of employees. This will create more employee satisfaction diminishing the risk of losing employees to competition because of built of stress from being overworked.

• Risk & Needed Data – Before you commit to a decision, there are some risks you should consider:
• Timely Deadlines – Both department managers could not agree on processes and could resolve in not meeting deadlines.
• Employee Dissatisfaction – Conflict of power between both managers forming as a team could lead to job dissatisfaction.
• Cohesiveness – The new team could not work well together and potentially employees could not agree with the other new boss’s work processes.
• Morale – Lowered faith in work because of the lack of belief in leadership and can lead to increase

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