Four Seasons Performance Management

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Four seasons is synonymous to providing high quality and personalized service. This has helped distinguish themselves in the industry and has become their competitive advantage and company value. Its mission is to be the world’s leading operator of luxury hotels. Four Seasons operating model is each property is a profit center. Furthermore, to achieve their objective they have set very high standards to achieve and maintain in each department. Moreover, they have internal and external auditors to assess whether each property is performing as per set standards. Going even further this objective is built in the performance management and compensation aspect for each general manager. Furthermore, we can say with conviction that the culture, …show more content…
Lack of accountability: Since people don’t like confrontational conversation’s or situation’s managers don’t take responsibility of their decisions. For any difficult decisions it will be referred to the boss.
a. At Four seasons HR is a facilitator of these critical conversations with the general managers actually being responsible and conducting it.
3. Experience to believe it: French people need to have experiences to accept and follow any rules.
a. This is one of the key challenges for the company’s HRM practices of the Golden Rule. Le Calvez openly talked about his willingness to respect the 35-hour workweek. It is very unlike for Four seas to have confrontational relationship with labor unions. Thus to transcend the Four seasons philosophy he organized tours of the property for them to feel welcomed.
4. Hierarchal Society: People accept power in the hands of few and will accept the inequalities within the society.
a. For Four seasons an employee will not wait for instructions from supervisor to provide exceptional service in The United States as compared to an employee in France. Thus Four season managers have to invest more time in training employees in France in order to provide superior, personalized customer

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