E-Kerrie's Challenge: Leading An Unpopular Change

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Complete Name: Complete Unit 1 Student Name: Holly, Kwana McJaye

Select the link to read Case E - Kerrie's Challenge: Leading an Unpopular Change

2. Case Summary

3. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.

Student Answer: In the case of Kerrie’s Challenge: Leading and Unpopular Change it is essentially the story of most managers who have come faced with a challenges
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In this case, I think Kerrie does a great job of getting her team involved. The first thing that she does is call them all into a meeting. She explains what the meeting is being called for and what the company expected to take place to meet the objective. She seeks the opinion of her senior management team on the best possible way to reduce the expenses. She ask for their buy in by assigning them tasks on ways the company would save money if they downsized the account managers and outsourced the print shop functioned. I think she was almost certain that downsizing the account manager’s function was the best way to go but she needed the information to analyze and make the best to decision. Not only was it good for her to have the numbers but it was a way for her to show her team that she was making a good leadership move and that they were a part of the decision making process. She did well with unity of direction because she included all of team in the decision making process. …show more content…
If you take Sam, he was one who had been in the company many years and appeared to be knowledgeable about the ways things ran in the company but it also put him in a position to where he wanted to be heard and thought he could make the best suggestions for the direction of what the group should consider when making the necessary expense cuts. Nobody in Kerri’s group wanted to suggest or make any changes that would directly affect their business units. If Mary Parker Follett was in charge she would seek out ways to make the work load between the worker and employer seem compatible (Lester & Parnell, 2007). Management and employee would be working as a whole as one to meet the objectives set by the company. Power would have no room in the team and everyone working on strategic goals. Mary seemed to be a person who didn’t have a clear perspective that even in the best team setting you have to have a leader. The leader isn’t necessarily the person who makes all the decision but one who leads meeting and gets everyone on the same accord to make the decisions to meet goals as a

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