Guns Control And Gun Control Essay

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A Firm Grip
Throughout the past few decades, mass shootings have been taking place at an alarming rate. A large portion of Americans believe that firearms are to blame for all the bloodshed, and desire deeply to initiate the prohibition of firearms, while the other portion of the United States believes firmly that American citizens are entitled to bear arms, as stated verbatim in the United States Constitution. The difficulty with this issue is that, both sides of this debate have logical points. Both of the sides of this controversial issue possess well thought out arguments, and clearly want what they believe is best for this country. The aim of this research essay is to find a reasonable and fair solution to this debate, so that America can cease being divided on this issue and instead become united in the face of more pressing global affairs. With the numerous shootings dominating the American media scene, gun control and gun owner rights are at the forefront of almost every American’s mind. Many Americans believe lawmakers should make gun legislation stricter, some even wanting to outlaw certain guns altogether. A large number of Americans, however, feel that infringing upon citizens’ constitutional right to bear arms is a gross injustice, and quite the slippery slope. If guns were outlawed, many theorize, gun violence would decrease. Surely, without access to firearms, people would not be able to gun down schools or shoot up movie theatres. On the other hand though, if…

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