Essay on Gun Control

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The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, part of the Bill Of Rights, offers each American citizen the right to keep and bear arms. Recent studies show that around 40 to 45% of American citizens own a firearm of some sort, which leads to a heavy debate over whether new laws should be put into place to control firearms in attempt to lower the gun related crime rates. In theory, this sounds like a flawless plan, remove the gun then the problem is solved. However this is not the case, each year up to 22,000 metric tons of Marijuana is smuggled across the U.S. borders because in the United States recreational Marijuana is illegal, who is to say that guns would not be next?

Many families own firearms that are aimed to defend
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Criminals have a desire, that is not normal, they will get what they need to do what they want. A recent study shows that in a large portion of murders most of the firearms used are already illegally obtained or unregistered. Criminals are not all just mindless creatures, they have methods of doing these things in attempt to not get caught. While removing guns from everyday citizens, the harsh reality is that criminals will not follow the laws set forth to protect citizens, which is why they are a criminal in the first place. While criminals might not be the smartest of people, they would soon realize that they have a broader spectrum of victims because more people will have less guns, guns they use to defend themselves, leaving themselves defenseless

Some people would argue the case that when the Second Amendment was ratified that they had no idea of assault weapons, their powers and, their capabilities, after all in 1791 they had much different weapons. The guns we have now are dramatically different to the point that people were not so much worried about sending their children off to school or going to a public venue and having a person with mental issues, or other motives shooting the place up killing mass amounts of people. However banning certain weapons is not the answer. Agreeably, you may not need an assault rifle to hunt with or to defend your home in a practical manner, but when it comes

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