Essay on Gun Control

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December 7, 2012
Gun Control
Obviously, guns have been a very big part of our history but because it was use inappropriately gun control was created. Guns are weapons that can take a life in an instant (“Does Gun Control…”). Guns have been part of American society since the arrival of the first European settlers (“Topic Overview…”). Arms in this country are part of our history, part of our culture. It has been passed down, generations to generations, as just an important part of who we are (“Topic Overview…”). Prior to the civil war, gun control laws were enacted in the slaves states principally due to the fear of firearms in the hands of free blacks and slaves who might rebel against their masters (“Special Interview…”). In the 1960’s
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They should do background checks for any mental illnesses, past criminal activity including petty crime, and whether or not they contribute to the community and be legal United States citizen (“Does Gun Control…”). Gun control would only create problems for law-abiding citizens and threaten citizens civil rights or safety ( “Topic Overview…”) While the United States is placing strict gun control laws over the issue of crimes, citizens are defending their rights and the attempts to keep firearms away from citizens do more harm than good.
First, gun control laws violate a citizen’s constitutional rights. For example, according to the United States constitution, Bill of Rights, Second Amendment states “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bears arms, shall not be infringed.” (“Gun Control: Update”). This Amendment guarantees individual’s right to own a gun, and that gun control laws are therefore a violation of their constitutional rights (“Gun Control: Reform”). Gun owners have a constitutional right to bear arms as a defense against potential government tyranny (“Update: Gun Control”). Furthermore, Gun control laws of today violate the constitution (“Gun Control: Reform”). These laws infringe upon the individual rights Americans have which are protected by the Second Amendment (Gun Control:
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