Gun Control Essays

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Gun Control Efforts in the United States For many years gun control laws in the United States have been at a standstill causing many lives to be lost in mass shootings. At the federal level it has been over 20 years since any law has been changed (Vizzard 880). The state level is where the most effort has been enforced. There are only 9 states that don’t have conceal and carry regulations (Vizzard 881). President Obama has made many efforts to try and get supporter to help him enforce stricter gun control laws, but there has been a confusion on whether he wants to get rid of all guns. This accusation is false. In a New York Times news article Michael Shear wrote, “He (Obama) rejected accusations that he wants to confiscate guns, calling …show more content…
This means nothing has changed even though it is clear that people can easily access guns and commit horrible acts, such as the mass shooting in Kansas. Individual states have done the most work to try and make accessing guns into a better process. Vizzard states in his article, “Although a few states added some minor restrictions during the next thirty years, the primary trend in state law was one of liberalizing restriction on the concealed carrying of firearms” (884). This means the states are making it to be people have to have a permit to have a weapon on them outside of their home. This would help regulate who has weapons on them. The states would have more knowledge on who had firearms and may have a better insight on who is wanting to carry their weapon outside of their home. President Obama has made efforts to try and bring attention to gun control to the people of the United States. A news article wrote by Michael Shear in the New York Times states, “Earlier this week, Mr. Obama made an emotional plea during a White House event where he announced executive actions intended to expand background checks” (1). He is trying to enforce that back ground checks are done before obtaining a gun. This would stop anyone would shouldn’t own a gun because of having a violent history or mental illness. Obama also tried to make it clear to the people that he is not trying to take guns away from people, he is only trying to enforce stricter background

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