Essay about Gun Control Is An Emotional Topic And For Good Reason

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Gun control is an emotional topic and for good reason. People feel very strongly that they have the right to own guns and are passionate about not allowing that right to be taken from them. On the other side, there are people who have been or fear being a victim to gun violence. These people do not understand why gun owners are so passionate about keeping their guns. My personal opinion falls somewhere in the middle, because I believe people have the right to own a gun for hunting or personal protection, however, I believe there should be limits on what types of guns people can own. I also think there should be stricter regulations in regards to concealed carry licensing. The gun laws that are currently in place are part of the problem people for gun control are actively seeking change. According to Vizzard (2015), “At the national level, gun control policy has remained essentially unchanged for the past twenty years” (p. 880). The laws have appeared to have little impact on the issue of gun violence. Ohio gun laws according to the NRA website are very relaxed. In Ohio the only thing that requires a permit is carrying a concealed weapon, which is a permit that can be earned after one day of class and shooting a certain number of shots with the instructor. As far as anti-gun owners are concerned this is not nearly enough training for someone to be walking around in public with a loaded gun.
People who believe gun ownership is a right protected by the…

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