Essay on Fice Is A Bar And Grill Restaurant

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The Office Is a bar and grill restaurant located in Janesville, WI. We will be serving the usual drinks that any bar would serve and we will also be offering grill food. The menu will offer hamburgers, brats, French fries, cheese curds, chicken strips, Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches, etc. The business will consist of Matt Cronk as the bar owner. Joey Lincicum as the Bar Manager and Amber Hofmaster as the Grill Manager.

Matt has the responsibilities of filing proper paperwork, acquiring the proper licenses and permits, paying the utilities.

As bar manager Joey will be keeping the bar stocked with plenty of liquor and also assuring that there is enough on hand when a bottle goes empty. Joey will be in charge of training all new bartenders and servers. Bartending can be quite a complex job and it takes time and a lot of practice to become good at making drinks properly and consistently. Joey will be responsible for hiring the bar entertainment during the week and the weekends.

Amber is responsible for creating the menu and ordering the food supply for the grill. She is fully responsible for the grill and its operations. Amber will be hiring any assistant cooks if business is steady enough and more help is needed. She must properly train any new grill employees well enough that they may operate the kitchen if she is unavailable.

We will start the business off with just three employees managing and operating the business. By doing this we will be able to encounter the…

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