Education Is Important For Education Essay

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Education is important. We live in an ever expanding world. The only way for one to keep up is through higher schooling. Whether it be a two year. Or four-year degree. Without the knowledge or skills, it is easy to be left behind. This makes it extremely important for those to go to school. However, paying for this education is another story. With college tuition on the rise. It is easy for someone talk about free education. While yes this would be ideal. It is also un reasonable. This would affect the life of every sing tax paying American. Asking those to pay for the schooling of individuals they do not even know. This also adds more of a burden on the government. The United States has a debt problem. Having the federal government to pay even more for the education of others is only going to hurt more. When people think about free education they must look at the consequences it carries. Lower exaptation for students, The cost of such a program, and an oversaturation of majors.
When looking at the topic of free college. People often overlook how this would impact the schools themselves. With a government funded education system schools all over the country will be fighting for money. Instead of relying on tuition of incoming students. Colleges will instead need to look to the government for money. One way for these schools to get around this are higher enrollment numbers. Bringing down the past standards for enrollment would be one way to increase numbers (Booman, 2015,…

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