Descriptive Essay On A Good Morning

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• Sing a greeting song. This is epic! You can enter the room and sing a song to wake the person up! Whether you hit the tone or not, the important thing is your thought of having a nice wake up surprise and good morning greeting for the person. You can even make your own song and play with the lyrics by using the words that are really inside your heart.
• Joint exercise. If you are one of those health buff persons, the best way to say good morning to a certain person is probably to have an exercise together. The exercise will make both of you become fit and healthy, as much as it is a good way to start the morning. Exercising will help your senses and general mood all throughout the day considering that they keep your mind more active and less
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Some people could not live a day without coffee, and it is already a part of their lives to drink coffee in the morning every time they wake up. You can use a good morning mug for a cute way of greeting, and make sure that the coffee is freshly brewed for a better taste and aroma.
• Pancake madness. Pancakes for breakfast are always an ace! You can make pancakes and create a good morning message using it. You may cut pancake pieces into letters and form the words good morning or whatever it is that you want to add in your note.
• Fruit basket. Fruits are healthy, and there are some people who do not eat heavy breakfast nor drink coffee. All they need is to have fruits to start their day. Know the likes and dislikes of the person that you want to surprise and if he/she is more into fruits, then it is better if you have a fruit basket that consists of most, if not all, of his/her favorite fruits.
• Radio station greeting. Your local radios are always broadcasting greetings, so you can tune in to the person's favorite radio and ensure that he/she is listening the moment that you request for the radio to greet the person a very happy morning. What is more is that you can dedicate a song to him/her! And that's a definite plus in making the person happy with your morning

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