Importance Of Eating Breakfast

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Camba High School

Impact of Eating Breakfast to the Performance of the SHS Students at Camba National High School

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Sandy Calalang
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Chapter 1
Eating breakfast is the most important meal for every students. Students who eat breakfast perform better in the class with better concentration and eye-hand coordination. This topic has an impact to our knowledge regarding to the benefits of eating breakfast regularly. This topic is important to know if the SHS are eating their breakfast regularly. This is a big issue of every students if they are eating their breakfast before going to school. The focus of this is we need
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Why do breakfast is the important meal among the other meal?
Q2. Why do we need to take breakfast?
Q3. What are the benefits of eating breakfast?

Objectives of the Research
This study aims to determine the students who did not taking their breakfast every day. The study has the following objectives such as:
I. To find out the effect of not eating breakfast.
II. To find out the reasons why do SHS students did not take their breakfast.
III. To inform the students about the importance of taking breakfast.
IV. To inform the SHS students about the energy that we get when we take breakfast.
V. To give some information about the benefit or advantage of eating breakfast regularly.

This certain topic is dealing with the health of SHS students who taking and not taking their breakfast. As a student we need to know the different kinds of illnesses that we can get when we didn’t take our breakfast. And specially, as a student we need to take it because breakfast give us energy that we need to do work.

Scope and Delimitation
The main purpose of the study is to give information about the health benefits of taking breakfast of the SHS students at Camba National High
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Oma, et al (2016) examined that this contemplate assessed the affiliation the middle of the characteristics for high roller understudies Furthermore unpredictable breakfast utilization Also investigated those cooperation with information in regards diet Also dietary training clinched alongside japan.
Hoyland, Dye and Lawton (2009) states that breakfast is recommended concerning illustration and only a sound diet in light of it will be connected with healthier macro and micronutrient intakes, BMI, lifestyle.
Breakfast eaters by expended that's only the tip of the iceberg everyday calories yet were more averse with be overweight, despite not constantly on investigations co-partnered skipping for overweight (Rampersaud G., Metzi J. ,2005).
According to Adolphus, Lawton, Dye (2013), Breakfast utilization may be connected with sure conclusions for diet quality, micronutrient intake, weight status furthermore lifestyle variables. Breakfast need been suggested will positively influence learning clinched alongside kids As far as behavior, cognitive and school

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