Personal Narrative: A Day Without Feminism

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A normal day without feminism...the thought alone frightens me. The most important acts in the past made my life today much easier. We don’t have true equality yet, but the civil rights and feminist movement made things much easier for me to live in this day and age as a black woman. If the feminist movement never happened, I believe I would gain a few simplistic things,
I also believe there would be a lot of suffering that would go along with those benefits. Suffering that would leave me and a lot of other woman of today miserable. Though if I had a day without feminism, this is how it would go.
I would start my morning early, at least before my husband would awake. Yes, I would find a spouse as soon as I could being that I would need some
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After waking I would of course make sure everything was taken care of in the home, making sure that it is spotless and the breakfast is on the table. Other wise I am a failure as a wife if I don’t. Though I would love to just date around and not be held with a scarlet letter on my chest, almost in the way my mother was judged when she became pregnant with me unwed and young, almost pushed down in a chair to get an abortion because it was such a “sin”. There is no room for that freedom without feminism. Of course you can sleep around but being a non­virgin when married is not what a man is looking for, and men are how we women make it through without feminism.
Soon afterwards I would send my husband off to work and go on about my day, hopefully having a small job at a firm that I have had to fight tooth and nail for. It not being easy to be a woman and black at the same time.The job being something low ranks, an assistant or secretary of some sort since without feminism I can barely get my foot in the door. Yes, with out feminism we have overcame civil rights but even with that as a black woman I am still seen as less than my male
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I would definitely be participating in it, always being one who is so inspired by the sacrifice made by the people who gave this generation a better life. Risking ridicule and backlash by speaking up and doing all they could to support what they believed in is truly incredible. I would be there doing everything I could to not be held back from what I want and how I want to live. To not have to depend on another human being for my survival but to have my own dreams and my own mind.
The Feminist movement was a very important and critical one to the world. Without it I have no idea where we would be as a gender today.I believe we would be those same women spending day by day living our lives through men. Nothing against any one who wants to be a dedicated housewife, but what about us that just want to make a difference in the world. The array of us who want to be seen for our mind and our drive, not which body parts we have. Yes, if feminism never would have happened, maybe I would have a more stable and predictable life, but it would be a life with no true grasp of having my own identity which is the most important, at least to

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