Is Feminism Still Necessary In Contemporary Society?

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“What is feminism and is it still necessary in a contemporary society?”

In this essay I will be discussing how feminism believes in equality for all, regardless of gender and as such is still necessary in a contemporary society because no such equality been sexes has yet been achieved. Furthermore, feminism will therefore remain necessary until gender inequality has been eliminated. Throughout my essay I will demonstrate this by highlighting relative quantitive data to support my argument.

Walby described the aim of feminism as transforming gender relations and existing standards with the goal of improving the position of women while still embracing gender difference.

Feminism has been around for many years, which is where the accusation of it being outdated comes from. The first wave of feminism started in the early 19th century and ever since women have still been fighting for equality. The fight gained traction at with the suffragettes and their fight for the right to vote, to property and divorce. After their win, many saw the fight for equality as over since women could now more or less do everything a man could and as such the movement came to a holt, later being referred to as the feminist fatigue, women were simply “tired of being always a woman” (Holtby)
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Women were now arguing for things such as rights within the workplace and equality within education, a fight which is sadly still ongoing. A study conducted recently found that the pay gap between men and women in the same profession was still as high as 9.4%. This type of discrimination is illegal and research shows that the unfair treatment of women remains common, especially around maternity. Each year 54,000 women are forced to leave their job early as a result of poor treatment after they return from having a

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