My Clown Walk Analysis

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Finding your walk

My clown walk is a typical drunken hobo walk when I’m drunk I feel warm inside and have almost no feeling outside and I feel like I’m not in control, when I try running I feel like I was a salt shaker being shaken. I degenerate into a disgusting combination of sweat, spilled alcohol and vomit. I drink to remove my pain I deal with every day and it make me happy for a while. I can’t stand straight and I move side to side not knowing what’s happening around me.

The reason why I drink so much my wife and two children died in a car accident a few years ago and I drink to remove the pain and forget about it because I don’t have emotion I don’t show them I’m a man and man don’t cry so I drink my pain. I lead my walk with my elbows while wobbling around. I am not very coordinated with my walk.

Clown Hats – Personalization

My hat is a bright orange winter hat. This hat means a lot to me because it was my sons hat I used to put it on him when I took him to school. When I heard about his
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I’m known as lower class because I don’t pay bills neither can I afford it. My physical strengths that I am partly strong but the things I eat don’t really help my body grow my strongest feature are my arms. My weakest are my legs because I don’t walk in a straight path when walking.

The most important childhood memory was is when my mom would tell me stories about the how she got married at a young age. The reason she got married at a young age because her father was killed right in front of her therefore they were poor because no one worked and my mom had to get married to bring money to the family since she was the oldest child. This story made me say that we should be thankful for everything because families didn’t have anything to eat like my mom and were very

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