Personal Essay: Moving To California

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Everyone has memories that they want to remember forever. I especially have a memory that I hold dear forever. I was only three years old when I moved to North Carolina from California, Fresno, thirteen years ago. Not that I remember much of my family in California, but I did have a hard time fitting in with my new cousins and relatives. The days I cherished most was after ten years in North Carolina, my family decided to visit our relatives in California. Meeting my family again in California became the most precious days to me; they were nice, generous people. I loved spending time with them and it really felt like home. My mom’s side of the family were the nicest people I’ve ever met. They did so many things that I am grateful for. My older cousin picked up my family and me from the airport and took us to my uncle’s house, where we would be staying for the next …show more content…
I truly felt that my family genuinely care for me and wanted to get to know me better. One way they showed how much they care was through food. I remember always being stuffed because they would make us food every three hours, scared that we would be hungry. My uncle’s house always smelled like comfort food. The aroma around the house was filled with good vibes and great food to enjoy. They even took us bowling one night and I had a splendid time with them and conversing with them like we known each other for years. In conclusion, the most memorable days that I will always remember are when I visited my mom’s side of the family. They were generous people who cared for my family and me. They took care of us for the next three weeks and cooked us many food. My mom’s side of the family made me feel at home and they were easy people to talk to without hindering. Spending time with them was a great memory because we had lots of laughter and fun. These days with my family are the memories that I will remember forever and hold

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