Controversy Over The Use Of Cell Phones In Schools

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Cell Phones in School Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days? Everywhere that you look, you will see a man, woman, or child on their phone. Whether we are driving or just walking down the street, someone is texting, talking, or surfing the web on his or her phone. Cell phones have become a major part of our lives. The controversy in schools is among the teachers, who believe cell phones should not be allowed, and the students, who believe cell phones should be allowed. Sixty-five percent of teens that have cell phones admit to bring them to school where cell phones are banned completely and of these sixty-five percent, fifty-eight percent have admitted to sending a text message during class (“Teens”). Cell phones can become an addiction …show more content…
While cell phones make it easy for students to communicate with one another, they can take a toll on your health. “Dr. Devra Davis, director for environmental oncology at the University of Pittsburgh, told, ‘We do not have enough information nor do we have enough time to be sure that cell phones are safe, and there's reason for concern that they may be harmful.’” The health factors that may be associated with cell phones are not a concern to most students. With the cell phone addiction rates being so high, the health concerns are simply growing. The Morningside Recovery Rehabilitation Center recently found, that the average American spends 144 minutes on his or her phone during a 16-hour time period. Cell phones use transmitting radio waves to communicate with one another. These devices are considered to be low-powered radiofrequency transmitters, but students still need to increase their distance from the cell phone to reduce exposure to the radiofrequency waves (Borreli). Cell phones are said to have a negative effect on peoples’ emotions. According to the article titled “5 Reasons Why Cellphones are Bad For Your Health,” a study conducted at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom, 37 pairs of strangers were asked to spend 10 minutes talking to each other about an interesting event in their life over the past month. Half of them were seated in a secluded area with a cell phone present, while the other half did not have a cell phone. The strangers without the cell phone perceived the others less positive. Cell phones also increase stress levels due to the constant ringing, vibrating, and reminders. The constant use of cell phones also increase the risk of chronic pain, eye problems, and illnesses in your immune system. Although cell phones come in handy to communicate with others, they can cause a great deal of health problems for later on in one’s

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