Consumerism As The Focus Of Advertising Essay

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Consumerism as the Focus Historically, advertising has been used in selling goods for over 200 years. The rapid growth of advertising in our world today casts a shadow on the early processes that occurred before digital media was relevant. Unknown to most are the principles that go into the structuring and success of advertising. Advertising began it’s massive, upwards trajectory in tandem with “the enormous development of manufacturing” (Tipper, 1920, p. 3). With manufacturing soaring, and the creating of goods being at all time highs, businesses desired stability so that they could thrive and always have positive returns backing their capital investments. This pressure forced businesses to also desire control of their sales, specifically stray away from a distributor or “unidentified product” system (Tipper, 1920, p.3). Consequently, the advertising principle of appealing to a consumer became a pivotal role in selling goods. This, in sync with the under cutting that manufactures were ruthlessly doing to each other, drove the desire of advertising through the roof, because it simply “provided a means of massing some of the selling operations under more definite control” (Tipper, 1920, p. 3). Competition soon found advertising and the ability to stay ahead of the crowd transformed the operation into one that requires “detailed knowledge of the fields of art, copy-writing, printing, merchandising, consumers’ habits, media, economics, and a hundred other subjects” (Tipper,…

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