College Is A Good Society Provides Opportunities For Everyone

1512 Words Mar 8th, 2016 null Page
“Free” College Tuition “A good society provides opportunities for everyone. We need educated people” (Wiener 1). High school graduation comes and many students prepare for their next semester of schooling, college. College is now free for every person in the U.S. Yet, some eligible poor students still get left out from going to college. College is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly or as a “mess around” time of someone’s life. It is to be treated as a step up from high school and a path to maturity. Many students will now attend college just because it is free, but the colleges can only serve and hold so many students. The word “free” sounds great to anyone but the truth is is that there is always a downside. Working while going to college takes students focus off of achieving academically. The transition between high school and college can be tough and some are not exactly ready for it. There is a large percent of people who thinks college is important even if it is unaffordable. Students whom have clearly worked hard throughout high school and to earn high academic achievements shouldn’t be turned away due to financial status. College tuition should not be free for everyone. Students may treat college the same way they treated school K-12 if it were free. College should not be free because people work harder for their education when they have to pay for it (Michelle Yates). Michelle has earned two associates degrees and a bachelor degree while working…

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