Civility Solution Forni Book Review Essay

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I will now summarize the book “The Civility Solution: What to Do When People are Rude” by P.M. Forni. Throughout the book, Forni clearly illustrates what causes rudeness, the multiple ways in which rudeness effects individuals, how to civilly and respectfully deal with rudeness. Forni offers an explanation into different personality types that assist in understanding why people act the way they do. These explanations also provide insight into the possible inherent rudeness of one's own actions, and how others perceive such actions. The reader is also provided with Eight rules for a civil life that provide a fresh perspective and a clear construct of how to live more civilized, with less stress, and with a bit more wisdom. The book …show more content…
Rudeness add stress and erodes self esteem, which can result in anxiety and mental distress. Rudeness damages relationships and negatively effects the workplace which both lower our overall quality of life, and impacts professional and personal well being to the tune of $300 billion dollars annually (Forni, 15). Rudeness also potentially causes violence, with the existence of road rage, and other physical altercations that stem from various rude behaviors. Forni next assists the reader in understanding the causes of rudeness. The origins of rudeness can be most simply outlined as the product of a poor state of mind. People commonly are more individualistic, and subsequently hold what others think of them in lower regard, as well as thinking less of others. Differences in feelings of self worth also contribute to rudeness. Feeling self important will allow someone to act rude without remorse just as openly as someone acting out of distress due to low self worth. Forni also attributes the cause of rudeness to stress, increasing anonymity, fear, and anger. After defining rudeness types, causes, and effects, Forni provides the reader with eight rules for a civil life that aid in identifying, understanding, and dealing with rudeness. To begin with identifying the civil lifestyle tenets, the reader is asked a few introspective questions. Through asking questions like do I boast, or am I sarcastic,

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