Birmingham City School Code Of Conduct

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The purpose the Birmingham City School’s Student Code of Conduct handbook is provide a guide to ensure student learning in a safe environment. It reflects the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in the school system, students, teachers, administrators and parents. The Handbook addresses major and minor offenses as well as the disciplinary actions associated with those offenses. Each year a team reviews and edits the document. The team consist of teachers, students, hearing officers, parents, community leaders, administrators, ESL (English as Second Language) staff, etc. It is considered a working document and must be approved each year by the school board, board attorney and school superintendent.
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The Birmingham City School Code of Conduct Student Handbook is written in an outline format with a correlating table of content. The contents begins with the Board of Education members and ends with the Technology Resource Agreement. It is easy to follow and understand. It is written in common short phrases with numerical and bullet arrangements for easy reference. Bold print highlights areas of significance. The book begins with a positive introduction of the six pillars of character. Each character trait is aligned and classified with each class action offense. It specifies the right and responsibilities of all individuals. There are three classification of offenses: Class I minor, Class II intermediate and Class III major. Procedures for addressing offenses, hearings and searches are given. Other topics of significance are Special education, attendance, uniform, electronics, and bus riders. Towards the end of the handbook are forms and references to Board policies, state and federal …show more content…
Their first encounter should be a positive experience. It should be a proactive measure not reactive after an incident has occurred.
School Safety Plan
Ramsay High School has a student population of approximately 850 students and about 60 faculty members. The staff work to maintain the safest environment. Every faculty member is responsible for noting and reporting anything questionable that is a safety concern.
The staff at Ramsay is careful in its efforts to maintain the safest environment possible for the Ramsay family including staff, students and parents. Every faculty member is responsible for noting and reporting anything questionable that is a safety concern.
The safety plan uses the suggested format provided by the State Department of Education. The plan is continuously updated, revised, and expanded to include more detail action and duties.
Contents. The Plan includes the following: floor plans, school directory, emergency phone numbers, school crisis team members and list of emergency supplies. It covers whose responsible in case of emergencies and the emergency supplies and where they are located. It is outlined according to Components

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