My Personal Code Of Ethics Assignment

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Personal Code of Ethics Assignment

Principle 1: Love for others what you love for yourself- It is my belief that if I love something for myself than I must also love it for others around me. This means being mindful and considerate of others in my day to day interactions. This also means not being envious or showing hatred toward someone who has something better than me, cause if I would want it myself than I must also want it for others around me.

Principle 2: Conduct yourself in the best of manners- It is important to me to always conduct myself properly and with the best manners as this is what others judge me off of. I need to conduct myself with good manners as to set a good example to my siblings, peers, and others around me. By doing
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I use my ethical principles to guide everyday actions. For example, when I spend time with my family I always make sure to conduct myself with the best of manners. This means being polite and courteous no matter what. If I see one of my siblings doing something wrong like cursing at one another I stand up for what is right and explain to them why they should not be doing that. I also use my code of ethics to govern my thought process. If someone wants me to do something that goes against my code of ethics I already know that it is not something I should be doing and abstain from it. Although this is the case, I could better improve on my code of ethics by strengthening my commitment to my religion. More times than not I find myself distanced from my religion and occupied with other matters such as relationships, personal entertainment, and friendships that have a negative impact on my life. By remaining steadfast on my teachings I could strengthen my ethical code because what I was taught positively effects my daily life. I think that everyone in society could collectively be more ethical by simply being more polite to one another. People tend to disregard the less fortunate in life, looking down on them, and seeing them as a disgrace to society. If people were to look at one another as they were equal, instead of judging them based on their social standing or religious beliefs, then the world would run more smoothly. The world wouldn’t be run on racism, war, segregation, and

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