Personal Reflection On Ethical Practice

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The most important shifts in my thinking about ethical practice is knowing how to enhance the quality of developing the skills and knowing your worth. Ethical Practice refers to the standards of professional conduct that an industry professional is expected to uphold. I feel as though, the way I view things from others people is different. For example, I don 't find anything wrong with giving advice or suggestion in a counseling setting or therapy session. But I learned that it 's unprofessional or unethical to give advice to a client because in our profession our job is to help clients discover their issues or problem to be resolved. But I also feel as though at some point of time when helping a client they need advice or suggestion on certain situations if being asked. Ethical practice is difficult to perform when it is …show more content…
At first, I didn 't understand ethic, some part of me still don 't know. Ethics has changed the way I thnk now by going into my profession and knowing what ethical and unethical are. I have researched almost every time to understand ethics, but being in this course I 've learned dilemmas and different scenarios is helpful because one day I might run into something similar in the near future. The dilemmas are very helpful because it makes individuals think about, what would happen in certain situations. Ethics has me thinking about my belief and value the most because I feel as though that matters when it come to ethics. Another area how my though process changed the most is by acknowledging from rights and wrongs. for example, I think its right not to look into other people eyes. So I have to understand when I come to a situation I have to learn to understand how to react in certain situations. Overall ethics has my mind changing in all areas with my life, the people i surround myself with and others, and my profession , because I think it will help us to remain on a stable

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