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Time and cost controls are the main factors which more linked to construction projects. It is very important for a team to completely understand the whole project setup and how critical it is to develop an effective team. Construction team members are chosen, based on the abilities of each team member, namely particular discipline of skill, expertise, and experience, they have to offer to perform the technical contribution in an efficient and profitable way. In addition, some are chosen according to the project’s needs, such as social, political, and economic requirements.
In addition, working collaboratively brings out improvement for everyone in a construction project (Cornick and Mather 1999). All team members are taken to the table through
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Characteristics of Effective Teams
According to Parker (2008), the Characteristic Descriptions can be defined as follows,
 Strong determination- The vision, mission, goal, or task of the team are should very clear and transparent and also need to be agreed by everyone. There is called as an action plan.
 Informality- There should not be noticeable tensions or signs of boredom.
 Listening- The members use effective listening techniques, such as questioning, paraphrasing, and summarising to discuss ideas.
 Civilised Disagreement- Disagreements should be suppressed smoothly without any conflicts between the team members.
 Consensus Decision- For important decisions, the goal is substantial but not significantly common understanding through clear discussion of everyone’s ideas and avoidance of approved polling or simple understandings.
 Free Communication and Belief- Members of the Team feel free to express their opinions on the tasks and also on the group’s performance, linked with a great level of assurance. Communication also takes place outside of meetings.
 Open tasks and job responsibilities- There are obvious anticipations about the roles played by each team member. When an action is chosen, open responsibilities are assigned, admitted and performed on time. Work is fairly distributed among team
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Characteristics of Effective Teams
Several team effectiveness lessons have led to team effectiveness models. Team effectiveness models incorporated in this section observed specifically on teams, in general, as there is not much literature on the team effectiveness model in construction teams.

Figure 1.3. Team effectiveness model by Driskell et al. (1987)

Figure 1.4. Model of team effectiveness proposed by Klimoski and Jones (1995).

3.1. Construction Project Performance
A classic construction project goes through three phases such as preconstruction, construction, and post-construction phases. Along these phases, there are various actions executed to attain the output and objectives detailed by the owner. Hence, it is essential for the construction project team, at some range, to evaluate its performance on the activities or sub-processes achieved during the construction project. The performance of a project can be measured as a result of the process as well as the presence of the process. For a project team to be effective, it is a key point for team members to realise and agree the performance measurement or indicators recognised for the

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