The Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster Case Study

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Understanding: Summary of The Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster (UBBM) On April 5, 2010, a detonation ripped through the Upper Big Branch Mine sited in southern West Virginia. The mine was under the supervision of UBBM energy subsidiary coal business. In the light of the explosion, mine rescue measures started without delay. As a result, salvagers have recovered twenty-five bodies and could not uncover the rest of the workers because of the quantity of cinder and wreckage. In like manner, the accident took the life of twenty-nine mineworkers making it the nastiest coal calamity in the U.S. After a deep investigation, we have noticed a lack of safety standards leading to a certain number of violations, namely a laughable ventilation …show more content…
Fundamental keys suchlike the selection of a suitable management type, along with a crafting valuable communication system between workers per se, and the high hierarchy.
An effective and inspired group of workers has a number of distinctiveness constructed to keep team members allied one another. Indeed, a solid team should have clear objectives. This means, they (team members) share the same objective and all members have a perfect understanding of this fact. To succeed this assignment, employees should balance their role in capability, aspiration and skills. In doing so, they would effectively comprehend the role of their colleague and establish a good way of communicating. This is true. Communication stands an important resource to keep the team moving to a tangible goal. Notwithstanding, team’s members cannot succeed or achieve their objectives without an inspired leadership. If truth were told, leadership for Upper Big Branch’s triumph is vital. Hence, team leader must build a trustworthy and peaceful climate in a workplace. He or she as the leader ought to support the team workers in a respectable guidance toward a prosper way. This reality can happen only if the leaders encourage free speech, resolve difficulties and always evaluate team members’ performance with award such as promotion and salary

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