Judlau Contractal Case Study

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This paper describes the basic leadership theory and the leadership in Judlau Contracting-OHL Group. Judlau Contracting, Inc. is going through the merge with an international group. All policies relating to the leadership become a different version. This goal of this paper is to show the writer’s learning knowledge from the class. Also, the writer gives some suggestions to improving the leadership in the organization. After reading this paper, the reader might better understand the leadership in Judlau Contracting- OHL Group.

Key words: Judlau Contracting, Inc., OHL Group, Leadership

Since 1983, Judlau Contracting, Inc. plays an important role in the heavy construction industry. Judlau is among the leaders
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The company focuses on the safety and quality for the project and all employees.
Fundamentals of leadership, including leadership styles and traits
As the theory from Lussier, there are five key elements in a leadership, leaders and followers, influence, goals of organization, change, and people (Lussier & Achua, 2012). Applying this to an organization, a leadership consists of managers, staff, the mission and culture of the company, the policy, the change in the company, and employees.
Judlau understands this importance of the leadership. Its principles are safety, quality, innovation, and results. The company is registered in ISO 9001:2008. Also, it provides the high quality project to the clients with the detailed planning, innovative techniques, and experienced experts to ensure the leadership (About us, 2016). http://www.judlau.com/presentation/about-us/ As an effective leader, he should have some key traits, such as urgency, agreeableness, adjustment, conscientiousness, and openness to experience. That’s matched with the requirements that Judlau uses. Judlau is a company that more cares about the
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To calculate a proper bid, the managers need to have the kickoff meeting to review the main aspects of the bid, the project and the risks, defining the upfront initial tasks, assigning responsibilities to the different departments involved, identifying the business strategic points and adopting any necessary decision to achieve the objectives established. In order to achieve these tasks, the managers need a good communication. The good communication helps employees to understand the contexts and the deliverable information.
In my opinion, the managers might send out the daily tasks and brief meeting to tracking the process. In this way, he could figure out the current status and issues, and solve them in time.
As the followers, I think they might give the appropriate feedback to the leader. Sometimes, the leader can’t go over all the parts of the project. The follower’s feedback helps him to find the problem. Thought the communication between them, the project will stay on the schedule. also, it keeps a good relationship in the both parties.
Organizational culture and climate
Based on Lussier theory, the organization culture includes beliefs, norms, attitudes, values, assumptions, and ways of day to day performance (Lussier & Achua,

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