Home Depot Leadership Analysis

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The Leadership of Robert Nardelli of Home Depot
Tim Bowles
BUS 660 Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership
Prof Robert Freeborough
September 14, 2015

Introduction To be optimally successful, organizational leadership requires a kind of leadership that distinguishes itself from management. Both is necessary if organizations are to be successful for the long term. The leadership style and effectiveness are particularly crucial to maintaining momentum of continuous improvement. The person to this discussion was chosen due to the familiarity, and ties to acquaintances. The discussion will cover his tenure and leadership at Home Depot, a home improvement company. In addition, this writing will entertain a
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An aggressive plan of command and control. The strength of the simple structure in organizational development lies in its simplicity. It is fast and flexible while requiring little cost to maintain. However, let it be known that Mr. Nardelli invested heavily in technology while CEO for this company. The weakness in simple structure in organizational theory is its limited applicability. When confronted with increased size, the structure generally proves to be inadequate. Additionally, the simple structure for organizational leadership concentrates power for one person. Rarely does this type leadership structure offer a balance to the chief executive’ power. This stand-alone power can work against the organization’s effectiveness. One trait of the simple structure leadership style is the high risks of operating. The leadership hinges on the health and whims of one individual. One heart attack can literally destroy the organization’s decision-making center. Another leadership trait is the simple structure is best suited in meeting the needs of organizations in their formative years. This was true for the Home Depot

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