Most Powerful Leadership Principle

The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle: How to Become a Servant Leader by James C. Hunter is an incredible book that lays out the true principle of leadership. Throughout chapter 1, he explains about his thoughts on how leadership is defined, used in our institutions, contrasted with management, cannot be reflected as the boss, requires great responsibility, and is considered as a skill, influential, and all about character. The author demonstrates that there are simple action steps which can be initiated to move toward being such a leader.
The author’s definition of leadership
According to Hunter, he describes leadership as “the skills of influencing people to enthusiastically work toward goals identified as being for
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I’ve learned from my previous health services administration core classes that one person can manage other people, but cannot show leadership at the same time. It also applies to great leaders not being able to be a successful manager simultaneously. Most people presume managing things is easier than leading people. I find this statement as a fact. For example, my current manager at the pharmacy department has held his position for about 4-5 years. In my opinion, he is definitely not someone who I would call a leader. He has authority, control, and constantly tells me how to do the job well in his way. However, he does not show the characteristics to inspire nor influence others to grow and achieve the maximum potential that they are capable of. I worked with him for 2 years and I cannot put up with his behavior sometimes because he is too critical on everything my co-workers and I do. Too frequently when managers do focus on employees, they seek to change their employees without changing themselves. For that reason, I lost the faith of wanting to become a pharmacist myself. I never met any good pharmacist that I can look up to for …show more content…
Everybody has their own beliefs what leadership is. Personally in my opinion, it’s the capacity to help others find a dream or purpose to pursue and to help them achieve it by helping them learn to think for themselves with confidence, and without fear of failure, even knowing failure is possible. Also, I perceive leadership as someone who is passionate, motivational, have good morals, virtues, vision about goals, and able to direct oneself and lead others effectively and powerfully. I believe a great leader teaches people not to be followers. Leadership success is measured by one’s complete body of work in life: nothing more, nothing less. It is no longer dignified by money, simply about how you love people. It’s a positive feature someone can have.
Overall, Hunter captures the very essence of leadership. He promotes messages about leadership being not necessarily in business but portray examples of how to live your life. Leadership success is earned and its impact is timeless. The author makes a clear distinction between management and leadership and assumes that anyone put into a leadership position has the requisite management skills. Leadership is a wonderful aspect. It is a habit that takes a long time to form and though there are many different ways to become a servant leader, the end principle is all the same: serve

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