Innovation In The Construction Industry

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Akintoye et al (2012) noted that in order to promote and retain competitiveness in construction industry, industries needs to focus on innovation and improvement of their construction management processes. Since today, construction companies are facing many challenges due to change in technology, economy and social conditions in construction industry sector, If this challenges are regarded as a change to gain advantage in competition, the require changes in the service offered as well as in the construction methods and the organization within the companies. As Panuwatwanich et al. (2008) stated that innovation is necessary as a source of competitive advantage for firms operating in construction industry, and consequently, that many firms are …show more content…
As the industry has continued to strive to remain completive using a variety of approaches, it is therefore asserted that a paradigm shift in thinking and/or management is now required, which proactively engages structured initiative to proven innovative concepts, technology and application. Gambatese and Hallowell, (2011) as also stated that continues process improvement is also likely to play a role in this (to achieve significant productivity improvement), along with the role of people, process and technology. Akintoye et al (2012) heighted that it is important to acknowledge that the incumbent industry stakeholders and governmental bodies are likely to influence and drive construction innovation, the remit of which will require new thinking to traditional approaches and adoption of new workable relationships. As innovation is the actual use of a nontrivial change and improvement in a process, product, or system that is novel to the institution developing the change, it is important for construction industry to adopt it to gain competitive …show more content…
In construction, innovation was identified as not being evenly distributed, used to more frequent changes than others. Despite this, there is growing evidence to suggest that this is starting to change as the management of change has opened new opportunities for other sectors. With this in mind Lathan (1994) and Egan (1998) reports indentified that the construction industry needed to embrace innovation and process improvement.
My research is on identifying and outlining innovative construction management that can be used in construction projects to help fast-track a project. I believe that this research can be helpful in the construction industry and help construction firm to retain competitiveness. I am particularly committed to sharing the results of my analysis with the construction industry and in a way reduce the delivering of projects late. In the hopes that my work will not just be an extraction of truths, but will give them information with which they can better control their construction projects.

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