Group Counselling Skills: Active Listening

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Group counselling skills
Active listening
Active listening according to Jacobs, Mason and Harvill (2006) describe it as listening to content, speaker’s voice and body language and this involves displaying to the other person that you are indeed listening. In a group counselling it involves listening to all members at the same time and not just the speaker. The leader does this so as to be aware of what the other members are feeling and thinking even when not contributing and the leader does this by scanning the room for non-verbal gestures that is facial expressions and body shifts.
As stated by Toseland and Rivas (1998) is a skill that the group leader to move the discussion to a particular direction and this the leader can do by
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It may not be possible for a leader to know exactly what the other person is feeling but they will have to make a good hypothesis and for this to occur the leader has to truly understand another person’s experiences while also maintaining their individuality.
Giving feedback
According to Geldard, Geldard and Foo (2013) giving feedback does help group members become aware of what is taking place in a group for example certain behaviors that the group or a member needs to be aware of. This feedback can be given to the whole group or to an individual and they state that when giving feedback it is always best to start with the positive first as this will make a person be more open to criticism. Also they say that this feedback can be given with the aim of bringing attention to the group processes which may be affecting two or more members.
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(2006) state that giving information enables the group members to learn from the leader. By keeping the comments short the leader can give good information without the group turning into a class. A good leader has to have good things to say for example in educational or task groups the leader has to be well informed about the subject And in counselling or growth groups the leader has to be skilled in all kinds of topics like guilt, marital affairs, children issues and the must know when and how to share that information with the group.
Having analyzed the different group counselling skills above the researcher feels that the skills are very necessary in any group but there are some that need a lot of time to be able to execute well an example is blocking and giving feedback. With blocking the group leader has to be very sensitive with what they say to the group member so that they do not feel attacked, giving feedback especially starting with the positive first, this needs practice for some

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