Candle Light Creative Writing Essay

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Candle Light Creative Writing Everyone has seen a Disney movie at least once in his or her lives. Most people know the story of Rapunzel. A girl, locked away in a tower for years until her prince came to get her. I was that girl for a long time. Lonely, sad, wanting to know what life was like outside of the walls. The walls of my own head, made up of fear, undiscovered courage, and hatred. I had nowhere to go and a lot of time to get there. I was trapped in my head with no windows and no doors. I was depressed. In middle school I was threatened. There was a girl in my school who did not like me very much. She told me one day that she was going to punch me in the face. I never talked to her or even looked at her because she was popular and I was not even close. I told my friends and they said tell my parents, my parents said to tell my teacher, my teacher told me to tell my principal and my principal said she would “think it over”. And what did everyone do? Nothing. My principal picked favorites, and I was not one of them. She told me to shrug it off. And no one felt any sympathy for me… until it happened. We just got done with P.E. and we were in the locker rooms and just about to change when I heard someone call my name. I turned around just in time to see her standing up on the bench. Then she hit me and popped my jaw out of place, then my face hit my locker and popped it back in. No one showed sympathy for me, it was all for her for sticking up…

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