Essay on Cadbury Advert - Connotation and Denotation

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Cadbury’s Caramel Busy Bee Advert
Denotation- A female bunny, wearing a pink bow, sits in an open area under a tree. A bumble bee buzzes down from the tree and flies into a flower. The bunny tells the bee to relax and feeds him chocolate. The bee and bunny both relax when a mole come digging by disturbing them and pops up where the bunny was sitting, she moves and offers him chocolate, then he blushes.

Connotation- The area is outside and isolated from any industrial disturbances. Nature is seen as peaceful and calming. The bunny is wearing a pink bow around her neck to symbolise she is a girl; it also shows her as innocent and sweet with big brown eyes– like chocolate. Her voice has a sexual tone and when she talks to the bee he
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Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight, is a known and recognisable song that people familiarise with. The concept of the advert is to release your inner beast, but to control it. Feed your inner beast Cadburys chocolate to satisfy it and channel the beast into something epic.

Cadbury’s Eyebrows Advert
Denotation- A man is preparing a young boy and girl for a photo shoot; the children have serious and rather bored expressions. He his then called out of the room by a ringing telephone. While left on their own the boy clicks his digital watch, starting the beeping, techno style, music. The children then start to move their eyebrows in time to the music while keeping their serious looks. The camera does close ups of each child as they do their own solo eyebrow dances. The camera flashes from different point of the room, they continue to look directly into the camera, from the sides we see the photo shoot is in a home studio. The girl then pulls out a pink balloon and stretches it to make squeaking sound in time to the music. The advert finishes with a purple screen and showing a bar of Cadbury chocolate. Connotation- The colours in the scene are mostly grey, the only other colours are the boys green tie and the girls purple dress and hairclips. Green is a more boyish colour and the colour purple is associated with Cadburys, but in this scene it also represents the bold and uncommon, adding a childish splash of fun

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